Archives Policy

  • Food and drink are not permitted under any circumstances in the Hunt Library and Research Room.
  • As a matter of courtesy turn off cell phones while in the Hunt Library and Research Room. If you need to use your cell phone please do so outside the confines of the library.
  • Patrons must consult with a Librarian before using a collection, and must conduct their research in the presence of a Librarian or library staff person.
  • Researchers are not permitted in stack areas (those separate from research areas) for security reasons, nor may a researcher access a collection without the knowledge and consent of the library staff.
  • At the researcher’s work space, the patron may only have a pencil and note cards or paper on which to write. Laptop computers may also be used. Briefcases, backpacks, purses, and similar items are not permitted in the research area. They must be left at the circulation desk or other designated area.
  • Parts of collections may be photocopied for the researcher’s personal use; however, library staff will make the photocopies of the requested items for the patron. The library also reserves the right to refuse to make copies due to the physical condition of the item(s).
  • Patrons must be aware that they are responsible for obtaining permission for quoting or making public use of the collections or information therein when the library does not hold the copyright for the collection.