Circulation Policy

Loan Policy

The E&H Library circulates books, compact discs, DVDs, government documents, and studying tools such as headphones, dry erase markers, and whiteboards. All students, faculty, and staff must present a valid Emory & Henry College ID card to borrow materials. Borrowers are responsible for all items charged on their library card. They are responsible for reporting all changes of address and telephone numbers.

Loan Periods for Emory & Henry College Students

  • Books: 4 weeks
  • Compact Discs and DVDs: 7 days (limited to 5 DVDs or CDs on one account)

Loan Periods for Emory & Henry College Faculty and Staff

  • Books: One academic term (Fall, Spring, or Summer)
  • Compact Discs, and DVDs: 7 days (limited to 5 DVDs or CDs on one account)

Holston Associated Libraries Borrowers

Persons who hold valid circulation privileges in other Holston Associated Libraries (HAL) may borrow resources from the E&H Library upon presentation of a valid library card from any HAL member library (King University, Smyth Co. Public Library, Tazewell Co. Public Library, and Washington Co. [Va] Public Library). E&H Library circulation rules will apply to its materials borrowed by cardholders from the other HAL members. E&H Library users who borrow materials from the other HAL members will abide by the lending library’s circulation policies, including loan periods and fines. Patrons may also request circulating materials through the HAL catalog, and have the items delivered to the closest, or “home” library. Materials borrowed from any HAL library may be returned through any HAL library.

Community Borrowers

The Library is open to all who use it in a responsible manner. Persons not affiliated with Emory & Henry College who do not have a card from another HAL member may apply for a Community Borrower Card at the Kelly Library front desk; a photo ID is required. Persons under the age of 14 must have their registration applications signed by a parent or legal guardian. Community Borrowers have the same loan periods as Emory & Henry students.

Health Sciences Library

Health Sciences campus students, faculty, and staff have access to the HS Library and its physical collections. Emory campus students, faculty, and staff may request items from the SHS Library collection and have them delivered to the Emory campus. HS Library materials are not available to HAL or Community Borrowers.


A borrower may renew regular loans one time unless the item has been recalled or placed on hold by another user. Borrowers can renew their materials through the online catalog by clicking on “My Account” or by calling the Kelly Library front desk. Note: if materials are overdue, they cannot be renewed by the borrower through the catalog; borrowers will have to contact the E&H Library directly.


All materials are subject to recall if another borrower needs them or if a faculty member wishes to place them on reserve for a course. The Library may recall immediately any item needed for class reserves. Materials that are overdue or have been renewed may be subject to recall if requested by another borrower. Borrowers’ cooperation is appreciated in the prompt return of materials that have been recalled.

Overdue Materials

The premise under which the Library operates is that, as adults, its borrowers are responsible and considerate of others’ needs and should return materials in a timely manner. Therefore, the Library does not charge fines. However, the Library will send a courtesy notice and two overdue notices via email before an item is billed to a borrower.
In addition, borrowers who have overdue CDs and DVDs will not be allowed to check out any other items until the overdue materials are brought back. Community Borrowers who have any items that have been billed cannot check out additional materials until their account has been settled. Students with billed items will still be allowed to check out materials placed on Course Reserves.
Emory & Henry students, faculty, and staff who have materials checked out from HAL members will be responsible for any fines. 

Lost or Damaged Materials

Library users are responsible for returning materials in the same condition in which they were checked out, allowing for some wear from normal use. The borrower is responsible for materials returned in a damaged condition or for lost materials. Charges for damaged materials may include either repair or replacement costs. The minimum charge for replacing all types of materials (books, compact discs, and DVDs) is $75.00 ($50 replacement cost plus a $25 processing fee. Emory & Henry students, faculty, and staff who have lost items checked out from HAL members will comply with the lending library’s lost materials policy.

Physical Reserves

There are three loan periods available for Physical Reserves. The loan period given a course reserve is determined by Library Staff and the requesting instructor.

  • 2-hour loan/Library Use Only
  • Overnight/1-day loan
  • 3-day loan

For additional information on Reserves, please see the Course Reserves Policy.