Gift Policy

The E&H Library welcomes gifts of books and other library materials as well as monetary gifts to purchase such materials. Because of the hidden expense of processing and maintenance and because space is very limited, every donation must be carefully evaluated to determine that it meets our collection guidelines, that there is sufficient shelf space to house the donations, and that we have the funds and the staff time to process and maintain such additions.

The donor of a monetary gift may suggest a subject area in which the funds are to be spent if that subject is a part of the college program, but the Library reserves the right to choose specific items that are needed to support the curriculum.

The following guidelines govern the acceptance of library donations:

  • Once accepted, all gifts become the sole property of E&H Library. The Library reserves the right to determine the housing and circulation policies of gift items, as well as the disposition of items that do not meet the collection criteria or are duplicates of works already held.
  • Gifts may qualify as legitimate deductions for tax purposes. However, the Library is considered to be an interested party and cannot provide an appraisal of the gift. Donors are responsible for making an inventory of the items given and for all appraisal expenses.
  • The Library will provide bookplates or other indications for special gifts or memorials if desired by the donor.
  • Donors will be asked to sign a Gift Form which will provide a brief description of the gift and a current name and address of the donor so that appropriate acknowledgment may be made.
  • Exceptions to these guidelines must be agreed upon in writing by the donor and the Director of the Library.