Reserve Materials Policy

Reserve materials are supplemental readings for a course, which are placed on reserve by the Library staff at the request of a professor.

How to Checkout Items from Reserve

  • A valid College I.D. is required in order to check out items.
  • Bringing a syllabus to the library is helpful in the retrieval process.
  • Course reserve materials are located at the Circulation Desk.

Information for Faculty

Please refer to the Copyright & Fair Use Guidelines or Copyright & Licensing for Instructors for specific information on copyright compliance concerning reserve library materials. It is important to note that all photocopied materials used as reserve readings may only be placed on reserve one time without obtaining written permission from the copyright holder.

Please note that the Kelly Library staff reserves the right to refuse to place any materials on reserve if they believe it violates the Fair Use section of Title 17 (copyright law) of the US Code.

  • Reserve materials must be submitted at least three days prior to scheduled use.
  • All reserves are processed in the order in which they are received.
  • At any time during the semester, faculty may add or remove items from the reserve lists.
  • To remove material from reserve, please call ahead so the item(s) can be removed from the Reserve List.
  • All materials will be removed at the end of each semester.

Types of Reserves

  • Material that may be checked out for two-hour library use only
  • Material that may be checked out at any time and brought back the next day
  • Three-day checkout period

Items That Cannot Be Placed on Reserve

  • Reference books
  • Bound periodicals
  • Books borrowed through ILL
  • Any material that, in library staff members’ judgment, violates the Fair Use exemption