Top Ten Things To Know

  1. The Office of Marketing and Communications (MarComm) has primary responsibility for admissions, student recruitment, fundraising, and arts promotion materials, as well as all other communications with external audiences—print, Web, email and other electronic applications. MarComm is responsible for marketing, branding, writing, editing and graphic design for all external College communications.
  2. The College’s logo is a registered trademark and represents all aspects of the College. No office on campus is permitted to create or use a logo in place of the College’s registered logo (see Appendix III - Guide to Graphic Identity Standards).
  3. The official name of the college is always written with the ampersand — Emory & Henry College, never with the word “and” in place of the ampersand.
  4. The abbreviation “EHC” is not to be used as a replacement for E&H or as an abbreviation for Emory & Henry College.
  5. All College promotional and marketing publications (printed and electronic) and website applications, regardless of funding sources, must adhere to the editorial style guidelines and graphic standards described in The College’s Communications Policy and Graphic Standards Manuals.
  6. All off-campus advertising (with the exception of classified ads) must be approved in advance by the MarComm office, regardless of funding source.
  7. All Emory & Henry promotional items must adhere to logo usage outlined in the Appendix III - Guide to Graphic Identity Standards.
  8. The image policy described in the next section applies to all external communications. The College’s external audience is anyone other than current faculty, staff and enrolled students. This includes members of the community who attend events and functions of the College, on and off campus, alumni, prospective and current donors, prospective students, parents of prospective or enrolled students, any community members or organizations cosponsoring or working in conjunction with Emory & Henry on projects or events, anyone invited to attend workshops, lectures, forums held on campus or sponsored by the College and held off-campus.
  9. Exceptions to the College publications guidelines are scholarly and academic papers and publications.
  10. All offices and departments are responsible for compliance with the policies outlined in this manual.