Other Communications

Below you will find a list of other communication as included in the Communications Policy.

  • E-Newsletters

    The College uses e-newsletters and email communications to support the mission of the College. The MarComm Office oversees the creation, content and distribution of e-newsletters and emails for admissions, advancement and other areas of the College. All newsletters sent to an external audience via email must be first approved by and developed in conjunction with the MarComm Office. This includes e-newsletters and newsletters sent as email attachments. Replies from users who receive these emails must be responded to in a timely manner by the department that commissioned the email.

    All e-newsletters and mass emails to external audiences must contain the following:

    1. The College’s official logo
    2. A hyperlink to the College’s homepage
    3. Spam compliance notification
    4. Directions for unsubscribing When possible, links to online versions should be available.

    The content for e-newsletters and emails should follow the guidelines laid out previously in this document.

  • Personal E-Mail Signatures

    All E&H employees must implement a standard, approved email signature. Backgrounds of any type are prohibited. There will be no additions or deviations from this standard. No personal messages, quotes or other content may be written or linked to from the email signature. Your email address, the College website or a URL for another page on the College webstie that pertains to your office/department may be linked. Links to the College’s main social media pages may also be linked. Below is an example.

    Name of Employee
    Emory & Henry College
    PO Box 947 Emory, VA 24327
    email address

  • Advertising

    The College requires that the Vice President for External Affairs approve any space reservations for nonclassified, off campus advertising, regardless of funding source. This includes newspaper, magazine or web display ads, billboards, and radio and television advertisements.

  • Media Relations and News

    Release of news to the media by any College employee concerning College business must first be approved by the Vice President for External Affairs. Members of the College community are encouraged to submit news items to the VP/EA or through the online form at the bottom of this page https://www.ehc.edu/faculty-staff/.

  • Promotional Items

    The College logos are registered trademarks. In order to protect the College’s licensing agreements and graphic identity standards, promotional items must be designed and reviewed for compliance with these agreements and standards. Promotional items include but are not limited to T-shirts and other items of clothing, coffee mugs, water bottles, pins, magnets, bumper/window stickers and pens.

    The College community should use the College logo in any College-sponsored promotional activities. Use of College marks must be consistent with the policies and guidelines established in the Graphic Identity Standards Manual (Appendix III). When using marks/designs to represent the College, only official E&H trademarks should be used. Contact the EDIC with any questions.

    In support of these policies and guidelines, designs for promotional items incorporating College marks must be submitted to the EDIC for review and receive approval from the MarComm Office prior to production. If revisions are required, design assistance can be provided.

    The Emory Mercantile, the College bookstore and merchandise center, follows the guidelines put forth in the Graphic Identity Standards Manual (Appendix III), working closely with the EDIC.

  • Photography, Videography and Drones

    Quality photographs are critical to first impressions, whether used on a website or in a publication. Photography for all Emory & Henry external communications will be provided by the Marketing and Communications Office. The photography managed by the MarComm Office is used not only as illustration for external electronic and print publications, but also is documentation of the life of the College throughout the years and considered and managed as archival resources of the College.

    Photography and Videography Publication Policy for Students, Employees and Guests on Campus
    Emory & Henry College uses photographs, audio and/or video recordings of employees and students for purposes of education, publicity and student recruitment on behalf of the College, via the Internet, print publications, and other media.

    *Upon their physical appearance at Emory & Henry campuses and events, visitors, as well as students and employees of the College, agree to release the rights for photography and videography of their image to be used by Emory & Henry College for the purpose of promotion of the College.

    Should an employee or student (or the parents or guardians of such persons who are under the age of 18) NOT want to be photographed or recorded or have his/her name or “directory” information used in connection with any such recording, that person must notify the Emory & Henry Office of the Registrar in writing (as also stated in the official student handbook).

    Individuals who choose to opt-out are also responsible for removing themselves from areas in which photography and/or recording is taking place, or notifying the camera operator of their opt-out status. Failure to do so may result in that individual’s inclusion in a photograph or recording and will be treated as consent for the College to utilize that photograph or recording in subsequent print or digital promotions for the College.

    In addition, if a person consents to be used individually or in small groups and identified by name in any type of digital or print form, they will be given a Photo Consent Form by the photographer which must be completed and presented to the photographer who will make sure the consent is registered on file. Large group or event photography is exempt from this additional permission as described above.*

    Use of Drones on the Emory & Henry Campus
    As a private campus and college, no drones are allowed to fly on campus for aerial photography or videography without the approval of the Marketing and Communications Office. A one-page scope document that outlines how the photos will be used, what outlets, purpose, intent, length of time, etc., is required to apply for permission to fly. Once approved and on file, the shoot can be conducted safely and within all FAA UAS regulations. The MarComm Office will need to approve the photos/video selected and provide the proper logo marks if needed for the project. The MarComm Office has professional photos and drone photos on file that may be available upon request.

  • Publicity Posting Policy

    All material posted on the Emory & Henry College campus must be in good taste and respectful of the College’s mission and inclusion policies. Posting in any building on campus is reserved for campus events or those sponsored by and with Emory & Henry College.


    Materials may not be taped or tacked on walls, doors, bathroom stalls, or windows. Posting is only allowed on bulletin boards, not specifically used by a College office (i.e., the bulletin board outside the PRC office on second floor Wiley).

    Promotional material should not make reference to alcoholic beverages, drinking contests, illicit drugs or sexual content.

    Fliers & Posters: Fliers and posters must contain the following information: name of sponsoring organization with a brief description if not recognizable, the date, time and location of the event as well as contact information for the organization or the responsible member. Fliers not adhering to this policy will be removed by College officials. When possible, the organization will be contacted noting the specific posting violation.

    Damage done by improperly posted materials on surfaces will be billed to the offending student organization(s).

    Fliers should not overlap or conceal other items. Posting is on a first come, first serve basis. Publicity should be posted no more than 10 days prior to the event. Only one poster per event per bulletin board is allowed. Fliers should be removed by a representative of the posting organization or by a College official as soon as the day after the event.

    Banners: Banners must contain the following information: name of sponsoring organization with a brief description if not recognizable, the date, time and location of the event as well as contact information for the organization or the responsible member. (May be written on the back of the banner.) If not, the organization’s president will be notified and given a chance to update the banner. Banners not updated or taken down to update may be removed by College officials. Banners should be removed when events are completed.

    Other Forms of Publicity: Chalking is permitted on sidewalks exposed to the elements. Chalking is not allowed on walls, doors or building exteriors. Please remove following events if rain or snow has not.

    Table tents on cafeteria tables are not allowed. However, Sodexo may be contacted for a template for napkin holder inserts. (Contact Dave Breniger, 276-944-6249 or 276-685-3482)

    This policy will be included in the official Emory & Henry College Student Handbook maintained by the Office of Student Life, Student Success and Inclusion, and in the College’s Communications Policy, maintained by the Office of Marketing and Communications.

    Contact: John Holloway, Student Affairs Haley Arni, Manager of Communications

  • Stationery

    Stationery includes letterhead, envelopes, mailing labels and business cards. To ensure consistency, files are provided by the MarCom Office to a commercial printer from whom orders may be placed.

    Only the MarCom Office is authorized to create and provide College stationery files for printing. General College letterhead, envelopes and labels are available in the bookstore. Do not attempt to create your own business cards or stationery.

    All offices of the College are to use the general college stationery, with the exception of the offices of admissions, advancement, athletics and the president. Offices located on satellite campuses of the College and others at the discretion of the MarComm Office are exceptions. Specific departmental contact information may be included in the signatures per the attached sample or in the body of the correspondence.