E&H Online Career Series

This series offers a range of short discussions about careers, internships, and job-search skills. For follow-up information, contact Amanda Gardner (van Vlissingen Career Center) or Monica Hoel (E&H Alumni Office).

Career Center Webinar

Resumes 101

Amanda Gardner walks us through the process of building up a great resume. Do you know how much time you have to grab the attention of an employer?


What A Fortune 500 Company Employer is Looking for in an Applicant:

One of our E&H grads, Vanessa Capalad Burrell (E&H ’92), is a recruiter for a Fortune 500 company and she shares her insights in this article.


Alumni Career Interviews

Internships during COVID: Dr. Tracy Lauder discusses internships and job hunting in this time of COVID-19 regulations. VIDEO of interview

Sports: Harold Craw, Class of 1999, General Manager of the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, discusses his work and talks about how to make good use of this time during this unusual moment in history. Read about one of the Jumbo Shrimp’s promos. VIDEO of interview with Harold.

Communications: Mollie Rorrer Gore, E&H ’84, talks about her work as manager of corporate communications for Santee Cooper. Here’s the video of our conversation! 

Library Science: Margaret Turman Kidd, E&H ’98, discusses her role as an archivist at VCU.  Here’s the video of Margaret answering the age old question: What does one do with a history major??

Chiropractor: Dr. Mike Williams, E&H ’87, discusses his work as a chiropractor. Check out the video of our conversation: he’s open to shadowships! 

Data Science: Dustin Hux , E&H ’93, discusses his work as a Research Scientist for Elder Research, Inc.   Watch the video. His company offers internships!

Great Internship: Christina Mitchell, E&H ’19, tells you how she landed a great internship at NASA. She encourages other young people to look into these exciting internships at this link: intern.nasa.gov.  Here’s a video of our conversation.

Communications/Military: Zach Hupp, E&H ’12, discusses his role as a Public Affairs Specialist for the U.S. Coast Guard. Here’s the video of our conversation.

Data Science: Scott Sutton, E&H ’05, discusses his career as a business analytics architect for PPDCheck out the video or our conversation.

Sales and Marketing: Moises Martinez, E&H Class of 2019, talks about his work as a business development specialist at NFI. Check out the video of our conversation (we had some video challenges but the audio is perfect!)

Sports Medicine: Dr. P.J. Henson, E&H ’12, is a family physician specializing in Sports Medicine.  Check out the video of our conversation!

Communications and PR: Ashton Morrow Kang, E&H ’11, is a public relations manager for Delta Airlines. Here’s a recording of our conversation! 

Communications and Media: Byron Breedlove, E&H ’75, is the managing editor for a CDC publication called Emerging Infectious Diseases. Check out the conversation! 

Human Resources: Vanessa Capalad Burrell, E&H ’92, is a senior recruiter for Spectrum – one of the largest communications companies in the world. Here’s the video! And yes, she’s hiring.

Policy Analyst: Martin Stiles, E&H ’13, is a public policy analyst in Phoenix. It’s interesting to hear him discuss water issues for desert-living. Here’s the video!

Dentistry: Dr. Zaneta Tutuh Hamlin, E&H ’08, is a dentist who recently completed work to be a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry. Here’s the Video!

Ministry: Rev. Susannah Davis, E&H ’92, is the pastor at Kirkwood United Church of Christ in Atlanta. Here’s the video! 

Environmental Studies: Dr. Richard Groover, E&H ’71, has taught environmental science for years and he has also been part of very interesting studies on the wild – like dragonfly research and coyote observations. Here’s the video!

Great Internship: Jack Randalow, E&H Senior, landed a great internship – even during these crazy times! How did he do it? Here’s the video!

Communications: Patrick Smith, E&H ’12, is a public communications specialist at NC State. We’ll ask him how a shy guy got to be in charge of communicating with the world! Here’s the video!

Finance: Let’s catch up with Chris Burnett, E&H ’08, to find out how he landed in New York City and got to be a private consultant on retirement plans. Here’s the video!

Writing: Patsi Barnes Trollinger, E&H ’72, has done writing for public relations offices, as a free-lancer, and for several published books. She’ll discuss a bit of the highs and lows. Here’s the video!

Education: Mary Lampkins, E&H ’88, has just retired from teaching, and she shares what made it worthwhile to stay in the profession for 32 years. Here’s the video.

Education: Dr. Meredith Fellows Parker, E&H ’00, is the human resources director for Powhatan County Schools in Virginia. And, she’s hiring! Here’s the video.

Entrepreneurship: Mike De Los Santos, E&H re’06, has started a BBQ sauce business that is growing – and even just landed him on Discover Channel reality television show! Here’s the video!

Tourism: Matt Whitenack, E&H ’96, is a travel consultant for his own New York City travel company, Gotham Guru, and he’s staying creative during Covid restrictions! Here’s the video!

Science Education, Museum: Nicole Powell, E&H ’16, works at the Greensboro Science Center and she has also worked at zoos and she, basically, has a lot of great experience that is turning into a great career. Here’s the video!

Conservation: Lowrie Tucker, E&H ’01, owns and operates Conservation Services, Inc., and as you’ll see, he and his team are leading the way in natural restoration. Here’s the video!

Health Care Efficiency: Megan Hash Jordan, E&H ’01, is the Director of Revenue Cycle Transformation at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. And she has additional exciting news you might enjoy!  Here’s the video…

Railroad Engineer and Conductor: Stephen Gunter, E&H ’04, is employed by Norfolk and Southern, and he enjoys getting to blow that train whistle as he drives by Hillman Hall. Here’s the video…