Course Reserves Policy

Defining Course Reserve

Course reserve materials are placed on reserve by the Library Staff at the request of a professor or other faculty/staff member for use in a course. Items placed on reserve are removed at the end of each semester.


Items that can be placed on Physical Reserve for on-campus access:

  • CDs,
  • DVDs/VHS
  • Library Books:
    • New Books
    • Denham Collection
    • Periodicals
    • Main Collection
    • Juvenile Collection
  • Personal Copy (DVD, Book, etc.)

Items that can be placed on eReserves:

  • Library Electronic Content
    • Articles
    • Book Chapters
    • eBooks
    • Streaming Video/Audio
  • Scanned (digitized) Copies of Physical Library Content:
    • Articles
    • One chapter or 10% of a book
  • Scanned (digitized) Copies of a Personal Copy
    • Article from a personal subscription
    • One chapter or 10% of a book
  • Links to Open/Available Web Content
    • Websites
    • Open Access Content Online
    • Open Educational Resources

While every intention of the Library, the librarians, and their mission is to serve all requests completely and provide as many possible access points to information, there are some items that the Library may restrict from being placed on reserve. Currently, restrictions are placed on materials located in the Special Collections and the archives. Any requests for such items that happen to be for materials placed in either area will be considered, but a final decision will remain under the Director of the Library’s discretion.

Please note that the Library Staff reserves the right to refuse to place any materials on reserve if they believe it violates the Fair Use section 107 of Title 17 (copyright law) of the US Code.

Flow chart of items that can be placed on reserve

Ways to Place Items on Reserve

Please allow at least one week for the Library to process your request.

Loan Periods

Physical Reserves

There are three loan periods available for Physical Reserves. The loan period given a course reserve is determined by Library Staff and the requesting instructor.

  • 2-hour loan/Library Use Only
  • Overnight/1-day loan
  • 3-day loan

Additional Guidelines for Course Reserve Requests

  • At any time during the semester, faculty may add items to the reserve lists
  • All electronic materials and links are removed at the end of each semester, and cannot be removed before then
  • All physical materials will be removed at the end of each semester and must be picked up by faculty/instructor in a timely manner
  • Copyright and Fair Use Policy 
  • Copyright and Licensing for Instructors 

For additional information, questions, about the Library’s course reserve services, contact a Library Staff member at (276) 944-6208, or email


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