Reference Policy

The E&H Library provides reference and research assistance to any Library user in person, over the phone, via web conferencing, by email, text messages, or online chat.

E&H Library Staff will provide answers to all types of questions in the order in which they are received. Due to the complexity of some information requests, the Library Staff reserve the right to request a meeting in person or provide reference services via email at a later time.

The Library respects the privacy of users, but cannot guarantee the confidentiality of files, email, or other information stored or transmitted electronically. The Library does collect data on reference and research interactions for statistical purposes. However, at no time will any personal information be given to persons outside of the Library, except when compelled by law.

Library Staff will not tolerate inappropriate behavior or abuse of reference and research services. Inappropriate behavior constitutes but is not limited to, any action that is: illegal, threatening, harassing, obscene, objectionable, or a violation of federal, state, or local law. Any interaction determined inappropriate will be terminated. A warning message may or may not be given.

Library Staff will not interpret medical, legal, or financial information or provide related advice.