Una Anderson Keene Obituary

Obituary for Una Vesta Anderson Keene


My story begins on a Saturday, the fifth of May, 1928. Miss Una Vesta Anderson is born in a little Virginia town at the southern end of the Shenandoah Valley. Miss Una had two brothers and two sisters. They all lived in a small frame house on a dirt road. Miss Una’s childhood was during the Great Depression. Being poor they never knew there was a Great Depression, just hard times. Everyone called her Boots because that’s all she had, red rubber boots. At six years old her family moved but they left Una behind. After several Foster homes, some good and some better, she settled in with the local Sheriff and his family on their farm in Ripple Meade Virginia. After high School she wanted to be a teacher. A few student loans and with the guidance of her high school principal, Miss Una graduated from Emory and Henry College in the spring of 1950. The newest teacher went to teach 5th graders at Jewell Ridge, Virginia. Jewell Ridge was a coal mining town, owned by the Jewell Ridge Coal Company. The company owned all the houses, the general store and everything in between. In late summer of 1952 a young man came home on leave to visit his Mom in Jewell Ridge. He was home for thirty days from the Army. Miss Una and this baby faced Sargent had a fateful meeting one day. Seems the Army boy was smitten with the young red haired teacher in the unforgettable emerald green dress. Sargent Keene had a car and Miss Una had a driver’s license, perfect. A whirlwind romance ensued and by the 28th day of his leave, Charles Victor Keene proposed and Miss Una Vesta she said “Sure, Vic”. For the next twenty years they traveled to and lived in Europe and a mess of Army bases here in the USA. In between packing and unpacking they had three children. 1967 our lovebirds settled down in Springfield Virginia. As Charlie worked on career number two with the McDonald’s corporation for the next 12 years, Una helped him spend that money on beautiful furniture and her prized Cadillac, the big one. 1979 and career number three was buying their first McDonald’s restaurant. Through the next 21 years they added 5 more restaurants and managed them with the help of their three children. Miss Una and Vic retired in 2001 and toured the rest of the USA. Visiting Hawaii, Alaska and all points in between. Vic passed away on the 31st of January 2019, the first time they were separated in 67 years. The following years were filled with 6 Grandkids and 15 Great Grandkids. Miss Una missed here Soldier boy terribly. On Christmas day 2021, Miss Una left this mortal world to be reunited with Vic, this time it would be forever. For those of us left behind, there was a private funeral held on 31st of December at the Bunker Hill cemetery. The last time I saw my Mom, she was sleeping. She was tired from the activities and fellowship of the day before. The grandkids and I made her a Thanksgivings to remember. As I was leaving I noticed she had her party clothes folded neatly in her chair. Black slacks, white blouse, black jacket and an emerald green sweater. I thought to myself, she never looked more beautiful than that Thanksgiving Day with all the kids, a constant smile and her emerald green sweater.


We miss you so very much.



Charlie Jr., Susan and David.