MTAV-2022: Hybrid for double the fun!


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July 14, 7 pm: David Williams on the Science of Gambling
E&H alumnus David Williams has written a book about casino gaming. He’s going to tell us about how it works. 
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July 17, 9 am
Laken Brooks Explores the Healing Power of Music
Laken is an E&H grad who shares her brilliant insights through a slew of nationally known publications…but for this event she is all ours! We’ll have coffee together, learn a bit, and ask questions.
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July 18, 7 pm
Dr. Chris Alice Kratzer on the amazing insect the wasp!
E&H is the only school in the country to use a wasp as a mascot…but just now much do you know about this fascinating insect? We’ll learn more from the woman who wrote the book about wasps.
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JULY 19, 7 pm
What’s the Watershed Project?
Have you heard about this exciting and ambitious project? We’ll learn more about how we’re learning so much more about SWVA through the Watershed Project.
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July 20, 7 pm: Partners for Pollination
US Fish and Wildlife is on a mission to create pollination habitat…and Emory & Henry is helping with that effort!
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July: Eco-Tourism in Smyth County
E&H Alumna Sarah Beth Gillespie, Exec. Director of the Smyth County Chamber of Commerce, will talk about new efforts in eco-tourism in Smyth County.
VIDEO ONLY Linked here (coming soon!)

July: The Art of Collage
E&H faculty member, Dr. Charles Goolsby tells us about collage and gives us an assignment for the on-campus and home project
Click here for supplies and assignment.
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**************** Hybrid Portion Begins**************

Friday, July 22 
Second Annual Tiny Porch Concert! (FACEBOOK LIVE AND IN-PERSON)
6 pm Dinner: 6:30 pm-Live music
Ivy Sheppard and crew will revive our Tiny Porch Concert that was so popular in 2021!
Watch the July 17 presentation!

Saturday, July 23 
Breakfast with President Wells (LIVE ZOOM AND IN-PERSON)
9:45 am:
Breakfast with John Wells and a chance to ask all your questions!

Trip to the Bristol Casino! (IN-PERSON ONLY)
We’ll tour the new Hard Rock Casino! 
Free Time for Bristol! (We’ll offer suggestions!)
Watch the July 14 presentation!

Learning more about the Watershed Project (IN-PERSON ONLY)
7 pm:
Dessert at the Appalachian Center to learn more about the Watershed Project and meet someone from the SWVA community that ’80s grads will remember fondly!
Watch the July 19 presentation!

Sunday, July 24
Big Project in the Emory Cemetery! (IN-PERSON ONLY)
9 am: We’ll head to the cemetery for a morning walk and information about an exciting project on cemetery hill. There might also be birding.
Watch the July 20 presentation!
Watch the July 18 presentation!

Tour of Tumbling Creek Cider (IN-PERSON ONLY)
1 pm:
Farm Tour of Tumbling Creek Cider. Cider tasting! Lunch provided!
Learn the cider cocktail from E&H in the City!

Collage Art with Charles Goolsby (IN-PERSON ONLY)
4 pm: Collage art with Dr. Charles Goolsby. Space is limited — register soon!
Here are the directions!
Watch the Collage video! (7 minutes)

Art Show featuring YOU! (IN-PERSON, and sharing photos!)
7 pm:
We’ll have an art show featuring the collage work done earlier in the day!


Monday, July 25
A Visit to John Broddy’s Burial site in Saltville (IN-PERSON ONLY)
10 am: We’ll visit the burial site of John Broddy and Garrett Jackson will join us to share history. Then you’ll have time to visit the museum (ticket included), the Saltville Emporium (opening just for us!), and enjoy a little lunch before heading home! We’re having sandwiches from Food Country and eating at Madam Russell Church!
Watch Arthur Broady’s presentation on John Broddy!

Book of Mamaw (IN-PERSON ONLY)
7 pm: This one-man show by Eugene Wolf has toured the country, and now it’s back home! You’ll recognize Eugene from his years on the Barter stage, and you’ll delight in this story about his grandmother.

Tuesday, July 26
Virginia Highlands Festival
Morning: Free time for the Highlands Festival!

Barter Theatre (IN-PERSON ONLY)
2 pm:
Always A Bridesmaid at Barter Theatre

Dinner with Tennessee Hills Distillery (IN-PERSON ONLY)
7pm: Closing Dinner.
Featuring music! A food truck from Tennessee Hills Distiller! And a bourbon tasting by Tennessee Hills Distillery! Wait until you see Stephen and Jessica Callahan’s latest creation: let’s just say it will probably match all your E&H gear.


All outings will be by caravan. Group transportation will be very limited.
All online events will be recorded for later viewing. Photos and Facebook Live updates will be offered throughout the on-campus portion!