Pre-Driving Program

The purpose of this free community program is to provide an opportunity for individuals of
driving age to enhance their skills and abilities necessary for driving. Areas addressed will
include visual perception, thinking, and physical performance skills. This program will provide
practice drives using a driving simulator.

  • This program is not a driving program and does not include any on road assessment or driving.
  • This program does not take the place of a driving assessment. Recommendations can be made for a driving assessment with a Driver Rehabilitation Specialist.
  • This program does not fulfill any requirements for the medical review process with Virginia
  • This program does not take the place of physical or occupational therapy. Recommendations can be made for an evaluation by a licensed physical or occupational therapist.

    Anyone of driving age that wants to improve their pre-driving skills.
    Who provides this program at Emory & Henry College School of Health Sciences?
    This program is provided by physical and/or occupational therapy students under the
    supervision of a licensed physical and/or occupational therapist.

How can I be referred to this program?
Anyone can refer a person to be considered for this program. You can refer yourself as well.
Please contact John Jackson Chair/Program Director of the OT Program at
Email: or Phone: 276-944-6744 to schedule an initial evaluation screen.

What can I expect if I participate in this program?
1. You will first need to sign a waiver for participation and provide a brief medical history.
2. Complete an Initial Evaluation Screen
3. Complete a visual perceptual screen that tests areas such as visual acuity, spatial
awareness, figure ground, form constancy, and depth perception.
4. Complete a thinking skill screen that tests areas such as memory, attention, sequencing, planning, judgement, and decision making.
5. Complete a screen for working knowledge of road signs and traffic safety.
6. Complete a screen for physical performance that tests areas such as range of motion, muscle strength, eye-hand coordination, reaction time, endurance, and balance.
7. Complete a couple of test drives on the driving simulator.
After completion of the evaluation screen – problem areas will be identified and then individualized sessions will be provided to enhance skills in these areas.

How long will the initial evaluation screen take?
The initial evaluation screen can take up to 2 hours to complete.

How long will each individual session take?
Individual sessions will be for up to 1 hour at a time.

How often will individual sessions be provided?
The pre-driving team will determine the frequency of individual sessions for each participant.

How long can I participate in this program?
The pre-driving team will make that decision based on the person’s cooperation,
appropriateness and benefit from the program.