How do I print from my personal device?

Print to a Public Access Lab printer by simply emailing your print job to and go to any of the printer locations and tap your ID Card to see your ‘Secure print’ queue and print your job. 

The machines can print/copy both in Black & White as well as Color.  You can also Scan & Scan to email as well as print from your mobile device by sending your document to

Cost per page:

Print Black & White = .08
Print Color = .15
Duplex = .16 (B&W) or .30 (Color)
Mobile Print = Same rates apply
Scan/Scan to Email = FREE

Main Campus Students:

Receive 125 Black & White pages ($10.00) at the beginning of each Fall 2018 & Spring 2019 Semesters. Beginning Fall 2018.

School of Health Sciences Grad Students:

Students can use the new Get Funds portal or take cash/check to the Business office on the main campus to add funds to your E&H OneCard account. 

Account inquiries should be sent to

Printing Locations:


Byars 122, Elm Hall Lounge 1st Floor, Hickory Hall Lounge 1st Floor, Hillman Hall Lounge 1st Floor, Miller 111, Miller 211, MS Hall 231, MS Hall 233, Kelly Library McGowan Room & Basement Computer Lab, Wiley Jackson Dorm Lounge 1st Floor, & Village Community Center 3rd floor.


Student Study A115, B100, B224 & Library B106

First time FollowMePrinter users, follow these steps to register your ID to your account:

1. Place your ID Card on the card reader until it beeps.

2. Key in your E&H username & password then select Login.***

3. Select the Secure Print icon.

4. Select your print job from the list and select one of the print options.

5. Logout.

***You will only have to key in your username & password the first time logging into one of the printers to link your ID card with your account.