MTAV 2017 Schedule

Wednesday July 26

6pm Dinner: Lobby of McGlothlin Center for the Arts

7 pm: It’s Magic!   McGlothlin Center Stage          

Abracadabra! Ed Ripley (E&H ’86) is a magical combination of scientist and magician.


Thursday July 27

9:35 am: Depart from Elm Hall

10 am: Wood You Believe It?                   

Chilhowie is home to two impressive local manufacturing businesses. We’ll tour American Wood Fibers and Oak Hall Caps and Gowns. Thanks, Robin Meadows (E&H ’83) for the good help!

12:30 pm: Lunch at the Dip Dog

2 pm: After Dip Dogs, we’ll go to the hospital Marion

PT student Chase Edwards (E&H’12, E&H Alumni Board of Directors) will give a tour of the former hospital in Marion that now houses the E&H School of Health Sciences.

3:30 pm: Wayne Henderson School of Music, Marion                                                             

So many cool things happening in Marion, including this great facility named for Wayne Henderson.

7 pm: Dinner is pizza in Elm Hall!

8 pm:  E&H and Hidden Figures           

Scrapper Broady (’70) fills us in on THE REAL Katherine Johnson from the book Hidden Figures. It just so happens that she is his aunt!



Friday July 28

8:45 am: Healthy breakfast is served! 

9 am: What to eat??                       

Dr. Charles Adams (E&H ’75) says food makes a difference. He’ll offer pointers.

10:15  am: The Origin Project                   

Linda Woodward (E&H re’75) will touch your heart with this terrific writing program for kids.

11:30 am: E&H and the Wright Brothers 

Julia Hensley, co-author of The Unwelcome Assistant, will introduce you to E.C. Huffaker, (E&H Class of 1880). He worked with the Wright Brothers on a little project you may have heard of.

Lunch is on your own: but dinner is early! So eat light!

3:15 pm: Depart from Elm Hall

4:30 pm: Dinner at Cuz’s (oyo) Pounding Mill, Virginia

We’ll be joined by friends including The Queen of Tazewell and Cuz’s favorite customer, Bettye Van Dyke.

6:00 pm: A look at Tazewell                     

We’ll have a special presentation by the author of Sock Monkey Doll, Peggy Callison (E&H ’77).


Saturday July 29

9 am: Forest Management                          

9:35 am Blue Ridge Institute & Museum          

There’s a wonderful story about an amazing center in Ferrum, Virginia, that started because one of our alumni was more curious than fearful. We’ll hear the story from Bethany Worley (’89).

10:00 am: Depart from Elm Hall

10:15 am: Yarber Chairs  Glade Spring, Virginia                                                

 Yarber furniture is easily in the category of “heirloom.” We’ll meet the famous Yarbers of Glade Spring and take a look at their shop. One of the Yarbers just happens to be married to Kimberly Carter Yarber (E&H ’89)

Noon: Lite lunch in Elm Hall

1:15 pm: Depart from Elm Hall

2 pm: Barter Theatre

Let’s enjoy the ladies of the Savannah Sipping Society! One of the actresses just happens to be our very own Amy Baldwin (E&H ’94) (look for the tall, elegant redhead).

4pm: We’ve got the corner on Sweets!    (oyo)  

Main Street, Abingdon, Virginia                                       

We’ll do desserts at 149 Sweets (Susan Ratliff ’93) and then shop at The Candy Shed (Katye Blankenship ’11). 

7 pm: Lipstick on my Collards Kelly Library                                                      

A pre-dinner talk on collard greens by E&H’s Dr. Ed Davis, author of Collards: A southern tradition from seed to table. Dinner is from  Eatz on Moore – a delicious spot in Bristol owned by former E&H student Mark Canty! During dinner we’ll enjoy the Wolf Hills Jazz Quartet (feel free to brown bag!).