Process for applying for a grant at Emory & Henry

Emory & Henry Grant Process


Below is the grant process for seeking and applying for external funding at Emory & Henry College:

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Finding Funding Opportunities

To seek external funding as an employee of E&H, please use one of the following processes:

  1. Complete the External Funding Exploration Request form.  The purpose of this form is to notify the Director of Grant Relations and the Grants Team of your interest in possibly pursuing grant funding for a proposed project/program. Once received by the Office of Sponsored Programs, members of the Grants Team will begin searching for potential funding opportunities for the project. The Director of Grant Relations will act as the point of contact between the interested employee and the Grants Team and will provide the faculty/staff member with pertinent grant funding sources and information regarding the proposed project/program. The faculty/staff member will then decide whether or not to pursue a potential funding source.
  2. If interested employees wish to pursue a potential funding source, they should refer to the Intent to Apply for External Funding form. If the request is approved by the Grants Team and receives any additional internal approvals, the employee may pursue funding and use the research, writing, editing, and consulting assistance of the grants team. See Mary Ellis Rice ( with questions about this form. 

Grant Permission Process

  1. If a grant is for $5,000 or less, you are not required to seek approval prior to applying for it. However, so that the Grants Team can remain aware of projects and developments our employees are making (and so that the Grants Team can know how to best support future projects), the College requests that you notify the Grants Team when you submit an application for a grant of this size with this form. 
  2. If a grant is over $5,000 and/or requires a cost match by the college, the faculty/staff member must complete an Intent to Apply for External Funding form. The form will be reviewed by the Grants Team and obtain further approvals as needed. Once approvals are received, the faculty/staff member is permitted to apply for the grant.

Intent to Apply for a Grant

  1. Intent to Apply for an External Grant form.  The purpose of this form is so the Grants Team can decide if it is in the College’s best interest to authorize a grant proposal submission to proceed.  An Intent to Apply for an External Grant form must be completed by the faculty/staff member for grants over $5,000 and/or grants that require a cost match component.  The member will then obtain the endorsement of the Department Chair, Dean and/or immediate supervisor and their up-line Vice President. Once the form is completed and signatures obtained, submit the form via email to the Director of Grant Relations who will review the form for presentation to the Grants Team for approval. To receive a copy of this form, contact Mary Ellis Rice ( in the Advancement Office.

Applying for the Grant

  1. Upon approval to apply for a grant, it is the faculty/staff member’s responsibility to ensure that all parties involved in the project have the appropriate time to assist in the proposal. For example, any letters of support need to be obtained early in the process.  If a letter of support from the College President is required, provide a draft to the Director of Grant Relations a minimum of 15 days before the proposal deadline.
  2. The Director of Grant Relations will submit all proposals on behalf of Emory & Henry College.