Student Honor Code Acknowledgement Form

The Honor Pledge is a statement made by each student, affirming that student’s responsibility to uphold the Honor Code. Upon matriculation, each student commits to abide by the honor system.

Further, each student recognizes his or her duty to uphold the Honor Code in academic matters by signing each examination, quiz, paper, or other written assignment with the written pledge: 

  • Understand that Emory & Henry is a community built on trust. Therefore, as a member of this community, I am committed to tell the truth and to maintain the sanctity of other people’s property, including computer data/access. I will abstain from all fraud and dishonesty in academic work.
  • I will neither give nor receive aid on any form of test or assigned work where such aid is
    prohibited, nor tolerate this conduct in any member of the Emory & Henry Community.
  • I will deal responsibly with such acts when I observe them. By my conduct and influence, I will endeavor to build a high standard of honesty and truthfulness in all academic work.
  • By submitting this form I confirm that I have read the above Honor Code, understand my responsibilities and agree to abide by the principles held forth in this code throughout my time in the Occupational Therapy Program at Emory and Henry College.

All fields marked with asterisk (*) are required.

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I commitment to tell the truth.*
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I commit to maintain the sanctity of other’s property, including computer data/access.*
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I commit to abstain from all forms of cheating and plagiarism.*
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I commit to uphold the integrity and confidentiality of College documents, including computer records.*
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I commit to deal responsibly with observed infractions of this code.*
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I commit to honesty and integrity in all academic settings.*
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