DEI Celebrates First Gen Students: Sandra Coffee

Posted by Carleigh Blaylock
The Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion celebrates First Generation Celebration Week from November 8th - November 13th, 2020! We will be highlighting & lifting up the voices of First Gen students, faculty & staff this week. We are so proud of the incredible hard work and courage it takes to be a first generation college student. We honor these students and are here to support them during their time at Emory & Henry and beyond!

Sandy Coffee is a first year student interested in studying veterinary medicine. She is a biology major and a member of SGA. She is also affiliated with Health Care Professions & a member of the veterinary club. 

We asked her to share her story with us: 

“My name is Sandy and I am a first year from Fredericksburg, Virginia (located in NOVA). I would not be in college right now if it were not for my parents and their endless support for me following my dreams. When they were younger, both of my parents were low income and did not have the opportunity to go to college due to financial reasons. When I was born, like any parent out there, they wanted to work hard in order to support me. I will always be grateful to them for that. I can remember how hard my Dad worked when I was little, he would leave for work before the sun came up and not be home until the sun was set. He worked like this for years just to save up for my college fund. I knew from a young age that I wanted to become a Veterinarian, it was a natural calling to me. The idea always played in my head as I weighed the pros and cons, and the amount of money it would take to reach that goal being a huge burden on me. It still is, but with academic scholarships that I received and programs I can join to lessen the strain, I think my dream is 100% attainable. Although it will take me plenty of years, effort, and money to complete, I am determined to reach my dream. My philosophy is that I will be 30 years old someday regardless, so I might as well be 30 and a Veterinarian! Emory & Henry seemed like a perfect fit for me from the moment I discovered it and toured campus. In fact, this was the only college I ended up touring. The campus felt like home. The professors seemed to genuinely care about the students and were determined to help them succeed. There was this sense of community and fellowship that all of the students shared. This was something that I had been looking for in my education, and when I got here and worked through this first semester of college, I realized that Emory & Henry truly had everything I was looking for. College is still new to me, and I may not have family I can turn to for advice, but I know that the college has my back and wants to see me succeed.”

Sandy Coffee is #FirstGen!

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