Pagnini Joins the McGlothlin Center for the Arts Workforce

by Billy Chandler

An Emory & Henry College junior majoring in mass communications has been named student assistant to the director of the McGlothlin Center for the Arts.

Rebecca Pagnini has previous experience as a sportswriter for “The Whitetopper,” Emory & Henry College’s student newspaper, providing coverage of events and writing feature stories. Prior to working for “The Whitetopper,” she wrote social media content for a food blog company.

With a minor in Spanish, Pagnini is also a member of the Intermont Equestrian Team at Emory & Henry.

Outside of work and school, Pagnini has many hobbies. “I enjoy spending time outside either meditating or reading. I also like to listen to wellness podcasts whenever I get a chance,” she says. Pagnini mentioned that in addition to these activities, she enjoys snowboarding.

Emory & Henry College’s students fill multiple positions at the McGlothlin Center for the Arts. Students work as technical assistance under the supervision of Technical Director Will Hankins and as art gallery attendants with the curator of the McGlothlin Center Art Gallery, Joe Champagne.

In her new role, Pagnini will work directly with the McGlothlin Center’s executive director, Dirk Moore. She will work in areas relating to public relations and marketing for the Center while providing support to the campus radio station, WEHC, which is located in the Center.

Pagnini said she is looking forward to becoming a part of the McGlothlin Center team. “I am super excited about this opportunity to expand my communication skills further while also getting to work with some awesome people.”

Once she graduates, Pagnini hopes to work as a public relations or communications specialist. She says, “I know that the tools and skills I learn during my time in this position will help me in my future, so I am very eager to start working.”

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