Technical Assistants in the McGlothlin Center for the Arts

by Billy Chandler
Three students from Emory & Henry College are currently working as Technical Assistants in the McGlothlin Center for the Arts.

These students work with Will Hankins, the Technical Director for Visual and Performing Arts at the Center.

There are two roles that these assistants can hold, either a Box Office Assistant or a Center for the Arts Technician. Haleigh Tilley, C.J. Miller, and Dodge Ezzell are the three current students occupying these roles. To ensure that things run smoothly at the McGlothlin Center for the Arts, they each have specific tasks and responsibilities to complete.

The student working as a Box Office Assistant is Haleigh Tilley. Before COVID-19 hit, Tilley was responsible for selling tickets at the box office for events happening at the McGlothlin Center, answering phone calls and emails, running errands for the McGlothlin Center staff, and ushering patrons during these events. Since the pandemic, Tilley has been splitting her work between tasks in the box office and completing technical work for the theater department.

There are currently two assistants working as technicians for the Center, C.J Miller, and Dodge Ezzell. These students fill many roles that assure events held in the McGlothlin Center run smoothly. Before the pandemic, they would confirm that the lights and sound were operating correctly for any events held in the Center, anywhere from concerts to lyceums. Right now, they mostly direct their work towards helping the theater department with behind the scenes projects. They will also complete organizational tasks in the Center.

These students are essential to the success and smooth operation of the McGlothlin Center for the Arts. Even though things are looking a bit different with Covid-19 this year, this has not slowed them, or their work, down at all.

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