Gracelyn Tilson Pruitt to teach elementary school

by Tyler Segraves

Our Emory & Henry seniors are preparing to graduate and change the world.

Gracelyn Tilson Pruitt, from Chilhowie, Va., will graduate in May 2021 with a degree in Interdisciplinary History and Social Sciences.

Emory & Henry gave me plenty of opportunities to have hands-on experiences in my field,” says Pruitt. “Every hands-on experience that I had prepared me to student teach and put in place everything I had learned from my classes.”

After graduation, Pruitt will teach at Abingdon Elementary School.

“The entire Education Department has been wonderful to my experience here and without them and their mentorship I would not be where I am today,” says Pruitt. “Both Dr. Sandy Frederick and Mark Hainsworth have helped me and prepared me to become a teacher and have my own classroom one day. They have shaped me into the kind of teacher that I am today, and I will take everything I learned from them and put in place in my own classroom.”