Executive Education: An innovative resource for growing local business

The E&H School of Business Executive Education programs offer both online and onsite sessions. Three open enrollment programs offer solutions for individuals and small teams to work on innovation and improved business performance.

Posted April 02, 2021

Small Business Venture Growth

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship in Value Creation: Small Business Growth (VCBG) program provides support and development to businesses and business leaders looking to scale or expand existing small businesses, and helps produce sustainably-minded business leaders capable of taking small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to the next level.

Outdoor Executive Leadership

Any business school can talk leadership. Only a college that offers a “Semester A[ppalachian]-Trail” can offer Outdoor Leadership to executives. The “Nature’s EMBA” is a certificate program catered to the busy careers of chief executives and is an unparalleled opportunity to highlight executive leadership skills amidst the challenges of Emory & Henry’s unique natural environment.

New and Rising Manager Development

The Certificate in New and Rising Manager Development (NRMD) program is designed to meet the specific needs of middle managers and aspiring senior leaders with support, mentorship and tools to navigate the challenges of leading within an organization.

Custom Engagements

Emory & Henry is uniquely positioned to partner with organizations to design impact-driven development solutions – delivered online, on campus, or a blend of both. Faculty works closely with businesses to establish a transformative experience and design a curriculum of learning objectives and value-driven sessions spanning a series of days, weeks or hours. No two organizations are exactly alike, so no two custom programs are, either. 

Undergraduate Programs

In the undergraduate program, students will find a variety of learning experiences ranging from computerized problem-solving to competitive simulation games and case studies. Bachelor of Science degrees are offered in Accounting, Management, International Studies and Business, and Business, Teacher Preparation. Minors are offered in Accounting, International Business and Management. 

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