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Hope Awards 2021

The Appalachian Center for Civic Life honored individuals and organizations in the region for their service to the community and the College at the 20th annual Hope Awards on Monday, April 26. The following were honored:

Posted December 09, 2021

Dr. Jerry Jones, visiting professor: Emory & Henry Faculty Member

Tommy Forrester, head softball coach: Emory & Henry Staff Member

Dixie Holliday: Emory & Henry Student

Savanna Barber: Emory & Henry School of Health Sciences Student

Nancy Johnson: Member of the Community

Mt. Pleasant Preservation Society: Civic Organization or Agency

E&H College Garden: College-Community Club Award


“The Hope Awards is how we recognize those who personify lives of service and citizenship, those who everyday offer imagination, creativity and commitment as they seek to make their place a little better, and those who push us to think more about what it means to be a member of a community.”


— Scott Sikes, Associate Director, Appalachian Center for Civic Life

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