Dr. Joyce (left) with Dr.Treadwell and Ann Keeling (’72)

Scholarship Honors Beloved Professor

Dr. George Treadwell came to Emory & Henry in 1970 to teach biology and, across the many years of his career at the College, he impacted numerous people.

Posted December 09, 2021

But perhaps none as vivid or lasting as the influence he had on E&H alumnus Dr. John Joyce (’72).

Dr. Joyce says when he came to Emory & Henry from Lee County, Va. he found it too difficult to manage financially. As he was considering a transfer, he was encouraged to chat with the financial aid office. It was a conversation that changed his life.

“They fully funded me, so I stayed.” As part of his student work-study, he spent two years working alongside Treadwell. Botany really got into Joyce’s system and Treadwell was such a terrific teacher that it really cemented his love of plants. “George was so logical. He has a sweet and almost comical disposition that we just don’t always get to see in the classroom.”

Now retired from his work as a family physician, Joyce teaches botany through his local Master Gardeners chapter, taking care of native trees and plants in public spaces.

“Sometimes people get a degree in something without learning other things. A liberal arts school like Emory & Henry gives you so much more.”

Still grateful for the financial help he received as a student, andstill enjoying all that he learned about plants and botany from his professor, Joyce has recently made a gift to the College that will express his gratitude in a tangible manner.

The George E. Treadwell, Jr. Scholarship will benefit E&H students pursuing study in the sciences. Joyce is glad to help other students who need financial assistance like he did. And he is especially pleased that it will honor his teacher, mentor and friend. “There is nothing I wouldn’t do for George. He is the sweetest person on earth, and a great teacher,” said Joyce.

Dr. Treadwell served as a professor of biology at Emory & Henry beginning in 1970 until his retirement in 2007. Treadwell received many awards from the College for his excellent teaching and leadership.

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