New Student Experience is More Than Your First Day

by Billy Chandler

By: Colton Williams, E&H Mass Communications Student

Fred George found his home when he attended a campus tour at Emory & Henry College and he has been there since, but recently earned a new title, first as a student, then as an alumni, and now as the Director of New Student Experience.

Upon his first visit to the college campus, he did not know what to expect. “I was a First-Generation College student who had no idea what to expect, but I knew I wanted to attend college. I had a great high school football coach who attended E&H; he introduced me to the college and took me on a visit. After my visit, I decided that Emory & Henry was the right place,” he said. While attending E&H, he majored in Sports Management and Mass Communications.

After receiving his master’s degree in Community and Organizational Leadership, he returned to E&H with his heart set on changing the experiences of new and incoming students.

He said, “I wanted an opportunity to make a difference in the student experience, but I wanted it to be something more than the first few days before classes started. I believed there was an opportunity to assemble a great team to create a phenomenal experience for new students.”

With the hopes of returning in the fall semester of 2023 with a somewhat normal agenda, Fred is very excited about what is in store for the coming months. “I’m excited about the full slate of events we have planned for students; I am incredibly optimistic about the social to academic balance we will be able to provide as an institution for the 2022-2023 academic year.”

“I wanted an opportunity to make a difference in the student experience, but I wanted it to be something more than the first few days before classes started.”

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