Greetings from the President 2022

This 2022 issue of the E&H Magazine Extra focuses on the establishment of the Emory & Henry College School of Business, which is part of a major academic reorganization that is intended to better apply the liberal arts to the world of work while reinforcing our mission to serve our region.
Posted November 12, 2021

Along with this new business school, the academic structure at Emory & Henry is now comprised of schools of health sciences, nursing, and arts and sciences. These new alignments help students to better integrate their learning experiences and to nimbly craft their education toward success during an unprecedented time of shifting opportunity.

Emory & Henry intends to demonstrate leadership within these schools – because our region and our world depend upon it.

In health sciences and nursing, it is imperative that we provide high-caliber health care education to serve a region that has suffered historically from a lack of access to quality healthcare. In the arts and sciences, we must seek innovation that enriches lives while enlarging opportunities for both our graduates and our neighbors. In the School of Business, we seek to engage students with entrepreneurs and executives, helping to accelerate momentum toward student achievement and business sustainability.

Higher education thrives best when communities surrounding learning institutions are healthy and vibrant. Southwest Virginia faces many challenges to its wellbeing, including barriers in healthcare, education and business development. At Emory & Henry, however, we are determined to confront these challenges with education that is inspiring, integrated, innovative and engaged, with intentional involvement of The van Vlissingen Center for Career and Professional Development.

Emory & Henry encourages servant leaders – citizens of a world with the creativity and courage to shape a better future. We, therefore, seek to set an example as an institution that moves boldly and confidently toward that brighter horizon. Please enjoy the successes and accomplishments of our students, faculty and staff in this Spring issue, as well as alumni updates.

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