Emory & Henry Student Athletes

Success Initiatives Extended to Student Athletes

Being a successful student athlete isn’t easy. According to Kyle Sensabaugh, assistant athletic director for Student Athlete Success, it takes determination and a willingness to work hard.
Posted April 01, 2022

Through the new Paul Adrian Powell III Student Success Center, he hopes to instill those qualities in student athletes who are searching for ways to juggle athletics with academic requirements.

“The Student Success Centers will be like a one-stop shop for our athletes,” Sensabaugh said.

“Students are always going through constant struggles that we don’t know about. Athletics can add another layer of stress for them. So, just being able to simplify things for them will be invaluable.”

It will be so good to be able to introduce the students to the people who can help them in one area.

Sensabaugh and Jacqueline Kestner, director of student athletes student programs, will manage a hybrid office in the new Student Success Center in Wiley Hall, meeting with student athletes at the facility two times each week to monitor academic and personal success and programming.