Update from The van Vlissingen Center

The following data regarding the Center’s programming is from August 2020 to the present. Get involved! Ask Director Lee Svete how you can make a difference,

Posted October 04, 2022

Engaged 78% of the entire student body including advising, teaching, workshops, programs, career fairs and student employment • Posted 1,334 new jobs and internships on E&H Connects and on-boarded 141 new Tier 1 employers • Class of 2020 Placement: 92% enrolled in graduate school or working within six months • Identified 137 virtual career fairs connected to E&H students • Hired 226 students through the new Student Employment Program • Facebook and Instagram activity increased by 300% • Planned and conducted 129 career programs, workshops, classes • Launched and produced nine radio programs on WEHC 90.7 FM • Confirmed 78 academic internships for credit • Two programs accepted for publication and presentation by the Virginia Association of Colleges and Employers • Launched Class of 2021 Future Destination Survey (FDS) in April.

Career Advising

Career advising was conducted both in-person and on Zoom during the year.Our career advisors conducted 605 individual counseling sessions which resulted in a measured increase in career readiness: +81% based upon seven unique categories of assessment:self awareness, career awareness, resumes, interview preparation, internships, Linkedin profiles and E&H accounts.

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