Greetings from the President

Sometimes during this past semester it has seemed as if Emory & Henry exists in two worlds. One is the world of a pandemic, in which a reduced number of students lived on a subdued campus. The other world fosters a dynamic application of the liberal arts to the better fortunes of both our students and communities.

Posted October 01, 2020

In both of those worlds, we have witnessed enormous resiliency within the E&H community. If ever there was a time to experience this College at its best, it is now.

During this pandemic, students have embraced online learning with remarkable alacrity. Members of the faculty have demonstrated why they are among the best educators in higher education by supporting one another with inventive pedagogical approaches. And members of a highly professional staff have worked against enormous odds to ensure the well-being of our students.

Meanwhile, many of these same people joined administrators and members of the Board of Trustees in pursing the goals of the College’s strategic plan – goals that, as the repercussions of a pandemic take on greater consequence, appear all the more relevant to our students and region.

During the past few months, renovation work has begun on Carriger Hall, which will transform this former student residence hall into a School of Business. Led by founding Dean Emmett Tracy, this revitalization of the College’s business education program promises to amplify the College’s ability to create opportunity for students while encouraging investment in the local economy.

As you will see in this publication’s cover story on page 2, the Marine and John van Vlissingen gift (see below) to the College is in full force with the opening and staffing ofThe van Vlissingen Center for Career and Professional Development, headed by a remarkably experienced new director, Lee Svete.

In addition, Emory & Henry prepares for a change to Division II athletics (page 7), a move that is expected to attract a greater number of students, including those from a wider geographic region and diversity of backgrounds. While taking E&H athletics back to its competitive roots, it also increases opportunity for competitive success across a wider range of sports.

Both the sacrifices and adjustments this College has made over the past several months have contributed greatly to a more hopeful position for the College. As we anticipate 2021, we can look forward to a future of new opportunities and a new era of leadership.

Best wishes for a bright new year,

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Dr. John W. Wells

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