Emory & Henry Rises to Top 20 as Best Regional University in U.S. News & World Report, Best Colleges Rankings

by Billy Chandler

Emory & Henry College has shifted category rankings in U.S. News & World Report, Best Colleges for 2022-23 from National Liberal Arts College to Regional University (South), earning a Top 20 Best Colleges ranking amongst 135 peer institutions. The College also ranked 77 among the universities as a Top Performer for Social Mobility, offering a gateway to students whose families earn less than $50,000 a year and are eligible for Federal Pell Grants. In addition, Emory & Henry was ranked #6 for Best Undergraduate Teaching Programs.

E&H Students at Fall 2022 Move-in Day E&H Students at Fall 2022 Move-in DayThe shift into the new category represents Emory & Henry’s foundational base and commitment to the liberal arts while offering additional advanced degrees at the master’s and doctorate levels at a regional level. Emory & Henry offers more than 90 majors and tracks as well as master’s and doctoral degrees in education and healthcare. Additional advanced degrees will be added in nursing and business in 2023 in an online/hybrid format.

“The rankings reflect our commitment to grow regionally and offer market-demand programs while keeping the foundation of a liberal arts education,” said President Dr. John W. Wells. “Our students are critical thinkers, leaders, and problem solvers when they start their careers or graduate programs due to their broad educational experience at Emory & Henry. With our emphasis on student success offerings and the commitment of our loyal alumni, we are making great opportunities happen here.”

The competitive ranking takes into account the college’s performance in areas such as graduation rate, alumni giving, academic reputation, class sizes, and financial support. Factors contributing to the college’s improvement include retention rate, graduation rate, and debt load to graduation.

Being ranked sixth among the Best Among Undergraduate Teaching Programs illustrates that Emory & Henry has “a strong commitment to teaching undergraduates instead of conducting graduate-level research,” per the guidelines. In a survey conducted in the spring and summer of 2022, the schools on these lists received the most votes from top college administrators for putting a particular focus on undergraduate teaching.

Faculty and students at Fall 2022 Academic Convocation Faculty and students at Fall 2022 Academic ConvocationAs an institution whose primary goals are based on student success and satisfaction, Emory & Henry has also been recognized as one of the renowned Colleges of Distinction. Emory & Henry is one of the original of only 43 schools that are championed as part of Colleges That Change Lives, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and support of a student-centered college search process. It was also recently ranked in Washington Monthly.

“We’ve always been a college of opportunity and have worked hard to minimize debt for our students in need,” said Wells. “We look at merit scholarships, need-based aid, and other alternatives to make our education affordable and accessible. We are committed to our region and any student who desires a degree in higher education to make a difference in the world.”

Emory & Henry recently welcomed another large incoming class of more than 400 students and has the largest number of students living on campus in its 186-year history. There are close to 1,100 undergraduates and 300 graduate-level students at the Health Sciences Campus. The College has joined the South Atlantic Conference (SAC) and is in the provisional status of moving to NCAA Division II.

For more information, please visit www.ehc.edu. Full college rankings can be viewed here: www.usnews.com/best-colleges

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