WEHC Elections 2023

by Ivy Sheppard

On this page, we are providing audio from the Candidate Forum for Washington County’s Constitutional Offices – held on Thursday, Sept. 28, 2023. You can find audio clips of participating candidates listed in the section for individual races below.

Washington County Commissioner of Revenue.
April Hamby Crabtree – (April Crabtree did not participate)
David Henry
Mark Matney
Christina Clark Rehfuss

Link to audio file – LWV forum Const Offices 9-28-23

In this segment, each candidate answers audience questions presented by Moderator Dr. Rene Rodgers.
-Candidate opening statements.
-Duties of the Commissioner of Revenue.
-How assessments are done and why.
-Possibilities for streamlining requirements for small businesses.
-Possible State Legislative changes?
-Role of religious faith in the job of Commissioner.
-Candidate closing statements.

Sheriff’s race.
Blake Andis – Blake Andis did not participate.
Rex Carter
Link to audio file – Sherrif Candidate LWV forum 9-28-23 Rex Carter

Commonwealth Attorney.
Josh Cumbo
Alexandra Goodpaster – Alexandra Goodpaster did not participate.
Link to file – Commonwealth Atty LWV forum 9-28-23 Josh Cumbo

Clerk of the Court.
Patricia Moore – Patricia Moore chose not to attend.
Greg Mullins
Link to file – Clerk of Court LWV forum 9-28-23 Greg Mullins

Fred Parker
Derek Webb – Derek Webb did not participate.
Link to file – Treasurer LWV forum 9-28-23 Fred Parker

For additional information:
Heather Evans conducted a series of interviews with candidates which aired on WEHC.
Teresa Keller also interviewed candidates in WEHC’s “This Conversation.” 

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