WEHC Students to Call Men’s Basketball Games

by Ivy Sheppard

If you tune in to Emory & Henry men’s basketball this Wednesday, you’ll hear a new pair of voices on the air. Anthony Smith, Jr. and Brandon Cox will be your radio announcers for the last three men’s basketball games. You can catch all the action live on WEHC 90.7, or streaming worldwide at www.wehcfm.com. They also provide commentary for the Flo-Sports broadcast. Tip-off against Mars Hills is at 5:30pm. The women’s game begins at 7:30pm.

Smith, Jr. is a senior haling from Virginia Beach, Virginia. He’s majoring in Mass Communications, and will be matriculating to Syracuse University to pursue a Master’s in Broadcast and Digital Journalism upon graduation. Cox is a Junior from Beaufort, South Carolina majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Sports Management. He plans to pursue a career in sports broadcast.

Smith, Jr. and Cox have been assisting with color commentary for the past two years alongside long-time women’s basketball coach, Joy Scruggs. Her tutelage has prepared them with the necessary skills and given them the confidence to take on the task alone. We hope you’ll join in cheering on Anthony and Brandon as they cover Wasp’s Men’s Basketball.

They duo are also currently hosting the Monday Buzz, a sports news show that covers all things Emory & Henry sports. It airs Monday evenings at 6pm and is available as a podcast

WEHC is proud to foster student’s love of broadcasting of all kinds. If you’d like to learn more about how students can be involved at the radio station, read more…”

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