by Ivy Sheppard

WEHC “Get On Board” Spring Fundraiser Events

*Friday, March 15th-You are invited to WEHC’s Open House in the radio station lobby of the MCA from 6:00-8:00pm.
Help WEHC kick off the “Get on Board” campaign, raising funds for equipment replacement and operations. Make the move from listener to supporter.

Listeners, Supporters, Hosts, Art Lovers, Faculty, Staff, Students, Announcers, Musicians, Friends, Family, the Curious, ALL!
Ever been curious about what goes on behind the scenes of a radio station? This is your chance to see it first hand! Join us, Friday, March 15th from 6-8pm for a meet and greet with your favorite hosts. Enjoy hors d’oeuvre, a fun art show, a silent auction, and the kickoff to our spring fundraiser. You listen to us every day, now is your opportunity to put faces to those voices and make the move from listener to supporter! 

“Get On Board” Events

  • Friday, March 15th-You are invited to WEHC’s Open House in the radio station lobby of the MCA from 6:00-8:00pm. Help WEHC kick off the “Get on Board” campaign, raising funds for equipment replacement and operations. Make the move from listener to supporter.

  • Sunday, March 17th- Down Home Radio Hour (300 W. Main St. Johnson City)

  • Sunday, March 24th Appalachian Artists LIVE! featuring Zach McNabb & the Tennessee Esquires on the stage of the Kennedy Reedy Theatre 2-4pm

Take a long drive along the interstate and let your radio scan stations. Chances are, you’ll begin to hear patterns. The same playlists repeat. Often, the content isn’t unique to the region you’re passing through.

At WEHC 90.7 Emory and WISE-FM 90.5 Wise, we strive to broadcast a wide variety of locally produced content. Tune in any day of the week and you’ll hear at least 10 hours of content created by people in your community, your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and E&H staff and students. The shows range from local community news, talk, music, and E&H sports.

Instead of just coasting along, content with how things are, the staff at WEHC try to continually elevate the station, creating opportunities in the broader community and for E&H students. In the past year, we have acquired new technology that allows us to bring in crisper audio for off-site interviews and calls. We are creating an auxiliary studio, exclusively for sports broadcasting, and are thrilled for the opportunities this opens for E&H students interested in that field. We have launched the remote broadcast of “The Down Home Radio Hour,” broadcasting live shows from Johnson City and heard exclusively on WEHC and WISE-FM. And we have plans to begin broadcasts of “Appalachian Artists LIVE”, in front of an audience in the McGlothlin Center for the Arts.

All of this growth is extremely exciting. However, it comes with some pains. It is immediately apparent that the sound boards in the studios must be replaced. First of all, they are completely maxed out. We cannot add anything else to them which means that we have reached the limit of our current technological options. As the studios have become busier, the system gets overloaded and can’t really handle all the audio traffic at once. To make things more complicated, the manufacturer is no longer in business. There is no support. No parts. There are bugs, glitches and restrictions.

We ask that you “Get on Board” and help WEHC raise the funds to replace the aged, limited, out of date, unsupported sound boards that we are using. We want to give our students the opportunity to use industry standard equipment while in this hands-on learning environment and we want the system to be robust enough to allow us to continue to broaden our broadcast opportunities. To replace the system, we need to raise $60,000.

In addition to the equipment, WEHC depends on underwriters and listener support for daily operations, keeping WEHC on the air by helping provide engineering support, programming costs, licensing fees, streaming fees and power bills, among other expenses. There are many ways to become a supporter. Make a one time donation. Choose to see this as a valuable service you depend on and contribute monthly. Consider becoming an underwriter! We’ve realized, if we have a day sponsor for every day of the year, 356 donations of $100 (which comes with a personal message or dedication), it would cover a lot of our operating budget!

Make a direct impact in your community. Don’t just listen to your favorite station, support it. It’s time to get on board!

Stay Tuned,

Ivy S. Sheppard
Leigh Anne Hunter


Let us know if you can join us for a special evening at WEHC. 

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