Sociology Student Spotlight: Taylor Henderson

Posted by Amy Sorensen

Majors: Psychology and Sociology
Extra-curriculars: ran cross country freshman and sophomore years
Hometown: Glade Spring, VA

What you think is most important about your Sociology courses: They have taught me that not only are there issues on an individual level, but there are also issues with whole societies. In the courses I have taken, I have learned about the problems and possible solutions to some of these issues that I would not have learned from my other courses. 

Plans for after graduation: I plan to work in case management or as a day treatment specialist in the school system. 

Advice for other students considering Sociology or Sociology majors: Keeping an open mind while staying true to your beliefs is important because many courses have challenged what I have grown up believing. Also by being able to bring my different perspectives to my courses have helped me become a better student. 

  • Photo of Taylor Henderson