Lee Exhibit Explores Bridges between Cultures


Artist Yehrim Lee’s dynamic ceramic, mixed media and installation sculptures could be described as hybrid bridges between cultures. Lee discussed her work during an Artalk on Oct. 22 in the Kennedy~Reedy Theatre in the McGlothlin Center. The Artalk was based on her exhibit, “Here, There and the Inbetween,” in the McGlothlin Center Art Gallery Oct. 8 – Nov. 3, 2018.

Lee’s works seek to connect masculine and feminine, East-West, decorative versus functional, and structure with fragility, allowing diverse aspects to blend and intertwine. They explore dynamic, complex, fragmented, integrated and internal reflections of humans in culture. Lee seeks to bring experiences of East Asian culture, tradition and history to her new American sense of individualism.

  • Yehrim Lee's Here, There, and Inbetween.

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