Sociology Student Spotlight: Chloe Harris

Posted by Amy Sorensen

Major/s: Psychology, Sociology, & Philosophy

Hometown: Bristol, Va.

Extra-curriculars: A previous member of the E&H Women’s Basketball team, and now a proud EHCWBB alum. I am also a sister of Alpha Beta Chi, a great sorority that we have on campus.

Projects: I have written a paper on whether or not exercise affects mental health in adolescents, specifically looking at children with behavioral issues. I have also conducted a research project that looks at whether or not the way that you were parented as a child affects your romantic relationships later on in life.

What do you think is most important about your Sociology courses?

I think the most important thing about our Sociology courses is that they make you think outside the box. They make you educated, and “woke,” to life’s hard-hitting problems. It also makes you appreciate all the ways in which you can make a difference in society.

What advice do you have for other students considering Sociology or Sociology majors? My advice to other students that are considering Sociology is to DO IT! If you’re already thinking about it, take the jump! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed in your decision. Our Sociology professors make tough topics fun, all the while creating an atmosphere of acceptance in their classrooms.

  • Chloe Harris

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