Seniors Represent the College at Psychology Conference

Posted by Ivy Sheppard
Three students presented their undergraduate research at the Southeastern Psychological Association in late March, earning recognition.

In late March, three Senior psychology students presented research projects at the annual meeting of the Southeastern Psychological Association in Jacksonville, Fla. Presenting before hundreds of people, these students shared their undergraduate research on various topics of psychology. “Presenting research at a professional meeting provides our students a competitive advantage as they apply for employment and graduate study,” said Celeste Gaia, Chair of the Psychology Department. “These experiences also allow students to strengthen their professional and networking skills.”

The topics the students covered included comparing personality traits and general well-being with Emerald Pullon, measuring how certain traits and beliefs affect people’s attitude towards transgender individuals with Jacob Lawson, and research into acceptance of myths about rape and bystander attitudes with Kaylee Widener.

Jacob Lawson won a Psi Chi International Honor Society Research Award for his presentation.

“I am always impressed with how E&H students represent the College and this time was no different,” said Gaia. “As I watched them present, I was so proud to be a faculty member at Emory & Henry.”

  • Jacob Lawson
  • Kaylee Widener
  • Emerald Pullon
“I am always impressed with how E&H students represent the College and this time was no different.”

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