New Partnership Brings Listeners Community News

Posted by Ivy Sheppard
Community news is an important aspect of WEHC. Through a partnership with the Bristol Herald Courier, we are now able to provide quick community news with the WEHC News Wrap.

WEHC 90.7 FM is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Bristol Herald Courier. In order to continue providing the community with services it requires, WEHC and the Bristol Herald Courier are collaboratively producing the “WEHC News Wrap.” The “News Wrap” is a short wrap-up of current local news that will run every week day during the 1-6 p.m. hours.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with WEHC to share our news content with their loyal listeners,” said Jim Maxwell, publisher of the Bristol Herald Courier. “Over the years we’ve worked closely with the Mass Communications Department at Emory and Henry College ,both in providing valuable internship experience for students and honoring our legacy of exceptional journalism with an annual scholarship for deserving communications students. This partnership is a natural step forward for both the college and our news organization.”

WEHC produces 65 hours of original programming every week, and hosts over 50 different volunteers and students to create its broadcast material. While an element of local news existed in the confines of different shows, WEHC was lacking a dedicated moment that listeners could tune in and get a sense of their community’s happenings. Voiced by reporter Tim Dodson, the “News Wrap” will inform listeners of the different events and developments that are taking place in Washington County.

“Working with the Bristol Herald Courier will further strengthen the college’s affinity with the community to bring invaluable news and information to our listeners throughout the week,” said Richard Graves, General Manager of WEHC. “We are incredibly proud of the partnerships WEHC has with our local organizations.”

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We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with WEHC to share our news content with their loyal listeners.
-Jim Maxwell, Publisher

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