Alex Cooper

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Geology, History


A Geography and History double major Alex has intentions of pursuing geography professionally and academically. He was the captain of the varsity cross-country team, a sports broadcaster for the E&H Athletic Department, the vice president of the Hermesian Literary Society, and a member of the Geography Honors Society. In Spring of 2015, Alex spent a semester in Exeter, England to study in their History Department. 


Q. What is the most rewarding aspect of being in the Honors Program?

A. My experience in the Honors Program has greatly enhanced my overall experience as a student at Emory & Henry. It has provided me with a close group of friends that I can explore my intellectual interests with while also sharing life experiences. We are a group with a real sense of identity; that is something I truly value. The academic knowledge I have gleaned thus far as an honors scholar has greatly enhanced my overall learning experience.

Q. Can you describe your experience in the Honors Program so far?

A. My experience in the Honors Program thus far has been nothing but positive. The degree to which it has elevated my collegiate academic experience far exceeds anything I could have ever imagined. The faculty is engaging and willing to work with me through important course material as well as my own interests. The bond I’ve created with my fellow cohort members has been invaluable. The experiences that I as an honors student are far reaching, and I look forward to taking hold of more opportunities as my career proceeds.

Q. What advice would you give to high school seniors?

A. I would tell high school seniors to look at where you truly feel most comfortable. It doesn’t have to feel like your home, but you should feel at home on the campus with the people, place, and programs. You should feel excited about the opportunities that you have to take advantage of at the institution you chose. Comfort and satisfaction at the school you chose will be a defining factor in your overall college experience.

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Exeter, England