Athletic Training & Exercise Science

Athletic Training is designed to prepare students for health care careers as certified athletic trainers. Exercise Science majors have two track options to choose from, both of which include classroom, laboratory, and clinical internship experiences. Both the Clinical Health Professions and Fitness & Wellness tracks provide students with a strong scientific foundation related to the physiological benefits of exercise and the harmful effects of physical inactivity. Exercise Science graduates will be eligible to pursue certifications with the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Career Titles

High School Athletic Trainer

Sports Physical Therapist

Strength & Conditioning

Team Physician

Massage Therapist

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Fitness Consultant

Personal Trainer

Fitness Instructor

Occupational Therapist

Operations Director

Sporting Goods Manufacturing Rep

Promotion Director

Physical Education Director

Sports Information Director

Rehabilitation Therapist

Sports Psychologist

Wellness Coordinator

Sports Event Coordinator

Sports Nutritionist

Ticket Manager

Physician’s Assistant

Director of Intramurals and Recreation

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