Chemistry (B.A.) is designed to prepare students for work as chemists in industry or as teachers.

Chemistry (B.S.) is designed to prepare students for graduate study related to chemistry or the health/medical professions and also for employment in various areas of chemistry.  

Career Titles

Agricultural Scientist

Occupational Safety Spec.

Environmental Health Spec.


Fire Protection Engineer

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Brewer Lab Assistant

Food Scientist Technician


Cephalometric Analyst

Forensic Chemist

Chemical Oceanographer

Genetic Counselor

Plastics Engineer

Chemistry Technologist

High School Teacher

Product Tester

College Professor

Crime Lab Analyst

Soil Scientist


 For more potential career titles, visit What Can I Do With A Major In maintained by University of North Carolina-Wilmington.


Carter’s Pharmacy

Food City Pharmacy

Harvest Table Farm

Marion Family Pharmacy

VA Dept. of Agriculture - Wytheville Regional Lab

Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute