Students seeking licensure to teach in elementary or middle school complete a B.A. degree in Interdisciplinary English, Interdisciplinary Mathematics, or Interdisciplinary History and Social Sciences. Students seeking licensure to teach at the secondary level should select the appropriate bachelor’s degree track in the major they wish to pursue. Requirements in Professional Studies constitute the contextual and support area for teacher preparation students. For details about each program, consult the faculty advisors in the Neff Center for Teacher Education.  

Career Titles

Adult Education Teacher

Educational Resource

Media Center Specialist

Alumni Relations Coord.

Educational Therapist

Missionary Worker

Athletic Coach

Elementary Teacher

Physical Education Instructor

Athletic Director

Employee Trainer

Preschool Administrator

Child Life Specialist

Financial Aid Counselor

Registrar/Admissions Dir.

Curriculum Specialist

Grant Writer

Training Specialist

Day Care Administrator

Guidance Counselor

Resource Teacher

For more potential career titles, visit What Can I Do With A Major In maintained by University of North Carolina-Wilmington.