Geography & Environmental Studies

Geography is designed to provide a broad-based background for students planning careers in public service or advanced study in geography.

Geography - Social Sciences is designed to enroll in an interdisciplinary and integrated program of study through a combination of courses.

Environmental Studies - Policy is designed to prepare students for employment or graduate work in policy-related aspects of the environment, so that graduates can contribute to the formulation of public and corporate policies for the restoration and preservation of ecosystems.

Environmental Studies - Science is designed to  prepare students for employment or graduate work in science-related aspects of the environment, so that graduates can contribute to the understanding, restoration, and preservation of habitats and ecosystems. To study biology of plants and animals, population biology, geomorphology, aquatic and terrestrial chemistry, atmospheric chemistry, and environmental monitoring.

Career Titles

Aerial Photo Interpreter

Land Developer

Site Researcher

Agricultural Extension Agent

Forestry Technician

Land Economist

Environmental Educator

Environmental Lawyer

Environmental Lobbyist

Soil Conservationist

Air/Water Quality Control Manager


Land-Use Analyst



Geographic Area Specialist

Location Expert

Systems Analyst

Cartography Compiler

Geographic Attache’

Map Analyst



Geographic Information Systems

Map Curator/Librarian

Traffic Manager

Coastal Zone Manager

Geophysics Assistant

Map Editor

Transportation Analyst

Community Developer

Outdoor Trip Leader

Resource Economist

For more potential career titles, visit What Can I Do With A Major In maintained by University of North Carolina-Wilmington.


Appalachian Sustainable Development

Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Center

Big Ridge State Park

Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

Ecological Energy Systems

Hapco Aluminum Pole Products

Holston River Soil and Water Conservation District

Mount Rogers Planning District Commission

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Smyth County Government

Town of Abingdon, VA

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Upper Tennessee River Round Table

USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Virginia Outdoor Foundation

Wolf Hills Brewing Company