International and Area Studies

International and Area Studies-Asian Studies is designed to promote understanding of the varieties of civilizations representative of Asia, including the political, economic, and security dimensions, with special attention to Japan, China, the Koreas, and India.

International and Area Studies-European Studies is designed to provide exposure to the contemporary patterns of politics, economics, international relations, law, culture, society, and the historical development of the new and enlarged Europe.

International and Area Studies - Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies is designed to  study Islam as a religion and as a civilization, as well as the Middle East, a region at the center of world attention.

Career Titles

Foreign Service Official / Diplomat

Foreign Area Specialist

International Relations Specialist

Activities Coordinator


Intelligence Agent

Affirmative Action Officer

ESL Instructor

Program Coordinator

Fund raiser

Foreign Language Teacher

Teacher / Professor

Humanitarian Relief Worker

Foreign Correspondent





Tour Guide

Export Manager

International Banker

Cross-Cultural Relations Consultant

Sales Coordinator

PR Representative

International Hotel Manager

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