Music is designed to provide the basis for a lifetime of engagement with music and/or for a professional vocation in music. Also appropriate for those wishing to continue with musicological or theoretical studies in graduate school.

Music - Performance is designed to develop individual potentials in musicianship, technique, artistry, self-expression, and critical thinking through academic and applied music study focusing on the instrumental, piano, or vocal repertoire. To provide a broad liberal arts foundation and opportunities for career preparation in a variety of performance-related areas.

Career Titles

Architectural Acoustic Monitor


Music Software Programmer

Armed Forces Band Member


Music Store Manager

Artist & Repertoire (A&R)

Film Music Editor

Music Stringer

Arts Administrator/Manager

Instrument Service Specialist

Music Teacher

Church Music Director


Music Therapist

Community Development

Manufacturers Representative



Music Attorney

Orchestra Librarian


Music Copyist

Piano Tuner

Copyright Specialist

Music Critic

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