Selected Emory & Henry Online Resources

Selected Emory & Henry Print Reference Resources

  • African American National Biography, REF/E/185.96/.A4466/2008
  • American Heroes, REF/CT/105/.A47/2009
  • American National Biography, REF/CT/213/.A68
  • Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, REF/ML/105/.B16
  • Biographical Dictionary of Scientists, REF/Q/141/.B528/2000
  • Biographical Dictionary of Women in Science, REF/Q/141/.B5285
  • Contemporary Artists, REF/N/6490/.C6567
  • Current Biography Yearbook, REF/CT/100/.C8
  • Dictionary of American Biography, REF/E/176/.D56
  • Dictionary of Literary Biography, 1978– REF/PN/86/ .D52
  • Dictionary of Medical Biography, REF/R/134/.D57/2007
  • Dictionary of Women Artists, REF/N/8354/.D53/1997
  • Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing, 1999. REF/D/14/.E53/1999
  • New Dictionary of Scientific Biography, REF/Q/141/.N45/2008
  • Notable Black American Men, REF/E/185.86/.N6822/2007
  • Notable Black American Scientists, REF/Q/141/.N726
  • Notable Black American Women, REF/E/185.96/.N68/1992
  • Notorious Lives, REF/HV/6245/.G687/2007/vols. 1-3
  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, REF/DA/28/.O95/2004
  • Who Was Who in American Art, REF/N/6512/.F26
  • Women in World History, REF/HQ/1115/.W6
  • Virginia Immigrants and Adventurers 1607-1635: A Biographical Dictionary, REF/F/225/.M125/2007