Appalachian Oral History Project

The Appalachian Oral History Project (AOHP) began in 1970, and quickly grew into an interstate consortium between four schools in three states, Alice Lloyd College, Appalachian State University, Emory & Henry College, and Lees Junior College (now Hazard Community and Technical College). This project started as an initiative to collect recorded oral histories and folklore of the Central Appalachian Region. In its effort to grow and provide access to interested researchers, the project applied for and received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The grant funded further collecting and cataloging of AOHP materials, and the project has lasted for decades at E&H where it has become a significant student learning and engagement program. Dr. George Stevenson founded the E&H branch of the AOHP.

Student involvement has generated data and materials for historians, folklorists, novelists, musicians, sociologists, and anthropologists. These students develop interviewing skills and learn about social problems of inequality, while also acquiring a large amount of historical information. Overall, the AOHP serves the academic needs and interests of students, faculty, and citizens and has fostered strong ties between E&H students and the community.