Selected Emory & Henry Online Resources


Selected Emory & Henry Print Reference Resources

  • Columbia Gazetteer of the World, REF/G/103.5/.C65
  • Dictionary of Altitudes in the United States, Government Documents I 19.3:76
  • Dictionary of Human Geography, REF/GF/4/.D52/2000
  • Dictionary of Physical Geography, REF/GB/10/.D53/2000
  • Elevations and Distances in the United States, REF/GB/121/.G46/2001
  • Encyclopedia of Caves and Karst Science, REF/GB/601/.E535/2004
  • Encyclopedia of Deserts, REF/GB/611/.E65/1999
  • Encyclopedia of Earthquakes and Volcanoes, REF/QE/521/.R58/1994
  • Encyclopedia of East Tennessee, REF/F/436/.E540/1981
  • Encyclopedia of Exploration, REF/G/80/.W33/2004 vols. 1-2
  • Encyclopedia of Geology, REF/QE/5/.E516/2005 vols. 1-5
  • Encyclopedia of islands, REF/G/B471/.E53/2009
  • Encyclopedia of North Carolina, REF/F/254/.E54/2006
  • Encyclopedia of South Carolina, REF/F/269/.S764/2006
  • Encyclopedia of the Great Plains, REF/F/591/.E4856/2004
  • Historical Atlas of West Virginia, REF/G/1296/.S1/R53/2008
  • Kentucky Encyclopedia, REF/F/451/.K413
  • Macmillan Centennial Atlas of the World, REF/G/1021/.M213/1999
  • Macmillan Encyclopedia of the Earth Sciences, REF/QE/5/.E5137/1996 vols. 1-2
  • New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: Geography, REF/F/209/.N47/2006/v.2
  • New Encyclopedia of the American West, REF/F/591/.N46/1998
  • Notable Natural Disasters, REF/GB/5014/.N373/2007 vols. 1-3
  • Oxford Companion to the Earth, REF/QE/5/.O94/2000
  • Oxford Companion to World Exploration, REF/G/80/.O95/2007 vols. 1-2
  • Oxford Atlas of the World, REF/G/1021/.A7545/2011
  • Rolling Rivers: An Encyclopedia of America’s Rivers, REF/GB/1215/.R64/1984
  • Scribner Science Reference Series: Geography and Exploration Biographies and Portraits, REF/G/200/.G43/2002
  • The Southeast in Early Maps, REF/GA/405/.C8/1998
  • Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture, REF/F/436/.T525/1998
  • West Virginia Encyclopedia, REF/F/241/.W52/2006
  • World Heritage Sites: Complete Guide to 890 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, REF/G/140.5/.W677/2010

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