International Studies

Selected Emory & Henry Online Resources

Selected Emory & Henry Print Reference Resources

  • Berkshire Encyclopedia of China: Modern and Historic Views of the World’s Newest and Oldest Global Power,REF/DS735/.A2/B47/2009
  • Dictionary of Diplomacy, REF/JZ/1405/.B47/2001
  • Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy, REF/JX/1407/.E53/1978
  • Encyclopedia of Globalization, REF/JZ/1318/.E63/2007
  • Global Perspectives on the United States, REF/E/895/.G56/2007
  • Encyclopedia of Arms Control and Disarmament, REF/JX/1974/.E57/1993
  • Encyclopedia of European Social History from 1350 to 2000, REF/HN/373/.E63/
  • Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity, REF/HV/6322.7/.E532/2005
  • Encyclopedia of Historical Treaties and Alliances, REF/KZ/1160/.P48/2001
  • Encyclopedia of Human Rights, REF/JC/571/.E67/1996
  • Encyclopedia of International Boundaries, REF/JX/4111/.E53/1995
  • Encyclopedia of Modern China, REF/D/S755/.E53/2009
  • Encyclopedia of the Developing World, REF/HC/59.7/.E52/2006
  • Encyclopedia of the European Union, REF/JN/30/.E52/1998
  • Encyclopedia of U.S. Foreign Relations, REF/E/183.7/.E53/1997
  • Encyclopedia of World Poverty, REF/HV/12/.E54/.2000
  • Encyclopedia of World Terrorism, REF/HV/5431/.E53/2003
  • Historical Dictionary of Multinational Peacekeeping, REF/JX/1931/.P7/M384/1996
  • Human Rights Encyclopedia, REF/JC/571/.L523/2001
  • International Encyclopedia of Peacekeeping Operations, REF/JZ/6374/.R35/1999
  • Oxford Companion to Politics of the World, REF/JA/61/.O95/2001
  • Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace, REF/JZ/5533/.O95/2010
  • Palgrave Dictionary of Transnational History, REF/JZ/1320/.P35/2009
  • Palgrave Encyclopedia of World Economic History, REF/HC/15.B355/2010
  • Political Parties of the Americas, REF/JL/195/.P64/1982
  • Statesman’s Yearbook, REF/JA/51/.S7
  • World Conflicts and Confrontations, REF/D/860/.W64/2000
  • Who’s Who in World Politics from 1860 to the Present Day, REF/D/21.3/.P35/1996
  • Worldmark Encyclopedia of National Economies, REF/HC/15/.W675/2002
  • Yearbook of the United Nations, 1962- present, REF/JX/1977/.A37/Y4


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