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Selected Emory & Henry Online Resources

Selected Emory & Henry Print Reference Resources

Generally, print  reference  resources (especially dictionaries and grammars) in languages are located in these areas:

  • REF PA 400-800s Greek
  • REF PA 2300s Latin
  • REF PC 1600s Italian
  • REF PC 2400-2600s French
  • REF PC 4600s Spanish
  • REF PF 3600s German
  • REF PG 2600s Russian
  • REF PJ 4500s-5000 Hebrew
  • REF PL 600s Japanese
  • REF PL 1400s Chinese
  • Encyclopedia of Linguistics, REF/P/29/.I58/2003
  • Firefly Five-Language Visual Dictionary, REF/P/361/.C668/2004
  • Facts about the World’s Languages, REF/P/371/.F33/2001
  • Ancient Writers: Greece and Rome, REF/PA/3002/.A5/1982
  • Literatures of the World in English Translation: The Greek and Latin Literatures, REF/PA/3001/.P/2748
  • Literatures of the World in English Translation: The Slavic Literatures, REF/PG/501/.L59/1971
  • Handbook of Russian Literature, REF/PG/2940/.H29/1985
  • Modern Japanese Writers, REF/PL/723/.M563/2001
  • Literatures of the World in English Translation: The Romance Literatures, REF/PN/9/.P/2748
  • European Writers, REF/PN/501/.E9/1983
  • Oxford Companion to Literature in French, REF/PQ/41/.N49/1995
  • Latin American Writers, REF/PQ/7081/.A1/L37/1989
  • Oxford Companion to German Literature, REF/PT/41/.G3/1986
  • Dictionary of Scandinavian Literature, REF/PT/7063/.D5/1990


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