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Selected Emory & Henry Online Resources

Selected Emory & Henry Print Reference Resources

  • ABC-CLIO Companion to the Media in America, REF/P/92/.U5/H58/1995
  • Biographical Dictionary of American Newspaper Columnists, REF/PN/4871/.B57/1995
  • Blacks on Television: A Selectively Annotated Bibliography, REF/PN/1992.8/.A34/H5/1985
  • Concise Encyclopedia of Advertising, REF/HF/5803/.C59/2005
  • Encyclopedia of Advertising,  REF/HF/5803/.A38/2003/vols. 1-3
  • Encyclopedia of American Journalism, REF/PN/4855/.P26/1983
  • Encyclopedia of American Radio 1920-1960, REF/PN/1991.2/.S57/2000
  • Encyclopedia of American Radio: An A – Z Guide to Radio from Jack Benny to Howard Stern, REF/PN/1991.3/.U6/L29/2000
  • Encyclopedia of Censorship, REF/PN/Z/657/.G73/2005
  • Encyclopedia of Children, Adolescents, and the Media, REF/HQ/784/.M3/E53/2007/vols.1-2
  • Encyclopedia of Communication and Information, REF/P/87.5/.E53/2002/vols. 1-2
  • Encyclopedia of Film, REF/PN/1993.45/.G65/2007/vols. 1-4
  • Encyclopedia of French Film Directors, REF/PN/1998.2/.R444/2010
  • Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns, REF/HF/5837/.E5
  • Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Strategies,  REF/HF/5837/.E53
  • Encyclopedia of New Media, REF/QA/76.565/.E5368/2003
  • Encyclopedia of Television, REF/PN/1992/.I8/.M874/1997/vols 1-3
  • Encyclopedia of Television Subjects, Themes and Settings, REF/1992.8/.T38/2007
  • Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Journalists, REF/PN/4871/.T34/1986
  • Free Expression and Censorship in America: An Encyclopedia,REF/Z/658/.U5/F644/1997
  • History of the Mass Media in the United States: An Encyclopedia,REF/P/92/.U5/H54/1998
  • Mass Media: A Chronological Encyclopedia of Television, Radio, … Newspapers… in the United States, REF/P/92/.U5/H77/1987
  • Mass Media and the Constitution: An Encyclopedia of Supreme Court Decisions,REF/KF/2750/.A7/H58/1989
  • Oxford Companion to Film, REF/PN/1993.45/.O9/
  • Propaganda and Mass Persuasion: A Historical Encyclopedia, 1500 to the Present,REF/HM/1231/.C85/2003
  • Television Cartoon Shows: An Illustrated Encyclopedia, 1949 through 1993,REF/PN/1992.8/.A59/E74
  • Television Game Show Hosts: Biographies of 32 Stars, REF/PN/1992.8/.Q5/B33/2008
  • Women and American Television: An Encyclopedia, REF/PN/1992.8/.W65/L69/1999
  • Women Pioneers in Television: Biographies of Fifteen Industry Leaders,REF/PN/1992.8/.W65/O34/1997
  • World Press Encyclopedia, REF/PN/4735/.W6/1982/ vols 1-2
  • World’s Great Dailies: Profiles of 50 Newspapers, REF/PN/4731/.M446


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